When attention to usability treadmill, immediately thought of ‘Is the treadmill declared as a substitute jogging outdoors?’. This is normal, considering that ran outside the room and what a person is the same thing. The difference lies only in the medium that could be classified as old way to run outdoors, and modern while using a treadmill. And it turns out both running outside the room or use a treadmill, have some differences that need to be known, even to be considered when you’re searching for that which is best to obtain optimal results. And here is what might help you get the best answer.

Jogging outdoors or road running is a sport that many of the activities performed at leisure. Sufficiently armed with sneakers, small towel, and water, then you can already do this. Your advantage when doing road running are:

– There are variations in the route. Not only must continue to follow one route or often you’ve ever been through, but the variable routes also needed to improve fitness and burn more calories through the new route. Because in fact, changes are made ​​routinely route also adds resistance to your routine routes that do.

– There are variations in the surface of place of running. This is a challenge that many preferred by outdoor runners.

– More fresh air. It is also important for the circulation of air in our lungs. It also provides an opportunity to blood to flow better.

Meanwhile, the disadvantages that you will get by doing road running are:

– Depending on the weather that support. Of course you probably do not do road running during the rainy season, snow, or strong winds.

– The time of exercise is erratic. Because we do not know what will happen out there, so the time of exercise can not be determined. As a result, the results at every workout are different.

– Often followed by other activities and makes no focus on the workout. One that is often seen is an exercise to bring the dog for a walk. This is one of the factors that support the reduction in the workout. Owners who must follow where the dog go, it will be more frequent stops at various places for various purposes. It is suggested to you to should focus on the workout by listening to music, for example, so anyone would be difficult to interrupt you.

– Not quite done once a week. You are required to have more time to do road running.

And advantages that you will get by using a treadmill workout are:

– You can exercise at any time regardless of circumstances outside the home. Without having to listen to weather forecasts before, you can still do the workout at home or fitness center.

– More focused and more controlled so that the result is usually a quicker look, both for those who lose weight or body shape. With a console, you can set how long you will do workout, how much speed you want, and how running rhythm you want.

While the disadvantages that you will get by using a treadmill is:

– The existence of imbalance when someone stepped out of the room. In fact, that the outdoor world is a world that is not flat like the treadmill belt will be a little difficult for those accustomed to using a treadmill for fitness training.

– Lack of fresh air. If you put the treadmill in the house, then most likely you breathe, is partly house dust.

in conclusion, regardless of what you do to maintain health, be it road running or using a treadmill, the most important is whether or not the frequency often you do the exercises. Because that is what burns more calories, which is not required by the body.