For users of laptop or PC, may already be familiar on how to save photos, pictures, or wallpaper from internet to pc or laptop. Indeed easy and simple. Simply by right clicking and choose the option that is available is ‘save image as …’ and with automatic photo will be stored in a file that do you want.

But, do you know that there is actually an easier way and more quickly than the way that is known in general?

How, browse to search your favorite pictures like Google Image, and type something to search. Once the results pop up, click on the image you like. Then, watch and make sure that your browser window small enough so that you can still view your desktop, then click and drag the image to your desktop. That’s it! No more words ‘save image as …’ to store images or wallpapers from the Internet.

And incredibly, this method applies to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer that allows you to do the copying of images is more flexible.