The price of the smartphone nowadays is rising to the sky. That is because there are a lot of features that you will get from the smartphone. However, there are still some best affordable smartphone that you can buy with some nice features that will not disappoint you as the users. Here are some of those names that you can consider if you have the considerably limited budget.

The first one is the third generation of Motorola Moto G. Basically, this smartphone is not the new name on this level. That is because the first and second generation have been released starting from 2015. However, the third generation of this phone has been perfected into something better. With the water resistant feature as well as the 2GB RAM inside the phone, this 150 Euros smartphone is surely becoming one of the best affordable smartphone that you can get in 2018. The next name is Vodafone Smart Ultra 6. This one is cheaper compared with the third generation of Moto G. that is because this phone is only tagged around 125 Euros. However, if you want to get the better version of this phone, you can add 50 Euros to get the better performance as well as the camera. The main thing that you will love from this smartphone is the gigantic internal storage capacity that reaches 128GB.

The last one is Xiaomi Redmi 5. This phone is considered as one of the best Chinese product that you can get. That is because Xiaomi has released some nice featured smartphone with the best engines with the considerably affordable price. In fact, this Redmi 5 that is priced around 121 Euros has the 2GB RAM plus the total of 16GB internal storage. That is one reason why this phone is becoming one of the best affordable smartphone.