Cardiovascular disease like heart disease has been considered as disease that becomes the major cause of death in many countries. It is inevitable that we need to prevent heart disease in order to reduce our risk of suffering such dangerous disease like heart attack and stroke. Diabetes is suggested to be one of the things that can raise your risk of heart disease while the other one is misinformation and ignorance. If you ignore such heart disease symptom or simply do not have enough information about this disease, it must be worse. That’s why this following information will be important for you.

To prevent this disease, the first thing that you should know is your own risk of this deadly disease. Age is one of the most influential factors that risk you to this disease. Other factor deals with your gen; if your parents or grandparents are afflicted with heart disease, it means that you have greater risk. Second, to prevent heart disease, you should keep your blood pressure in the normal condition. High blood pressure is usually known as silent killer. Higher blood pressure you have means higher risk you have. You should check your blood pressure regularly to know your current condition.

Moreover, you need to keep your cholesterol on track. If you have higher LDL than HDL, you should do something with this since it can increase your risk to heart disease. To lower your risk, you can limit your consumption of calories and other foods that keep giving you saturated fat. It will be good for you to follow such healthy habit that can help you control your weight as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure level. The other thing that you can do to prevent heart disease is of course exercise regularly since lack of exercise will contribute to obesity.