Jump Manual has become program to improve your vertical jump in basketball. The training lasted for about eight weeks, and it is beneficial too for other sport player such as volleyball player, baseball, martial art, high jumpers, and sprinter. Jump Manual workout divides the training into three phases. They are the pre shock phases, shock phases, and post shock phases. In the first pre shock phases you will be given exercises for seven days to be used your muscle fiber. After that, the shock phase will be the hardest part where you will be taught to gain your strength by the strength exercises and plyometric. The last post shock phase is the final step where you have to practice in one full week everything that your body has learned about in the two previous phases.  In this step you will be able to jump vertically high.

As a vertical jump training, Jump Manual rely the program on a unique way of exercising. Jump Manual teaches you how to twitch your muscle fibers fast. You will be taught how to combine the type 1 and type 2 fibers to give you maximum vertical jump. The muscle fiber is the most important component in vertical jump exercises and so inside the book you will be given how to use the muscle fiber to twitch slowly or quickly.

Next, in the Jump Manual you will be given knowledge on the nervous system on central level that affects your vertical jump. To produce powerful jump, the system consist of your brain and the spinal cord will support the work of your muscle. There will be exercise to activate the nervous system. The warm-up exercise will also be taught in the program. The warm-up is useful to produce strength and best result of the jump. Even, you can learn how to fix the muscular imbalance.