While you are looking for the spy apps for spying your children or your employees, you need to know about the features that they offer. Many spy apps that you can pick based on the features that you need. You better know about the features that they offer first before buying it to prevent any kind of rejection and disappointed feelings after buying the apps. Do you know? There is the best spy app. It is FlexiSpy phone app. You will trust to this app because there are many people who have proved this app because of its advanced technologies that you will get.

You need to know that this spy app has other features that the other spy apps do not have them. Do you want to know what they are? First, you will get the Keywords and Alerts. You can set the alerts up on your email or phone for the certain keywords or specific phone numbers. Then, you will get App Blocking. You are able to uninstall, block, and stop the applications that the target device used. With this FlexiSpy & Top Spy app, you also are able to Upgrade and also Update Remotely. While you have installed it, you are able to update and also upgrade this software to the next version if you want it.

Then, you also will get the Password Cracker in this FlexiSpy & Top Spy app. This feature will allow you to get the password that the target device used to protect from the other disturbances. You should not feel so worry if the target device uses the password and you do not know the password of it, you are able to use this feature to figure out the password that it used. And also, you will get advanced tracking to tracking the location of the target device.