Spyera spyware is one of the most popular app for a quiet sometime. At first, it has its laid back in the beginning but it has been improved lately to ensure that the past problems will never occur again. The most regrettable mistake of this spyware is that this product doesn’t always compatible with the phone that meant to be installed with. But nowadays, its compatibility has been improved so it now supports all major smartphones such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, or Symbian. The issue, according to developer, is also the user’s fault because they often being in rush to install the spyware before reading its manual first (some say that the manual itself is too many to read).

Several Versions of Spyera

Spyera lite is one of three packages of the spyware that most people buy. Although it is a standard package, the lite packages have the most features of it. The features includes GPS tracking of the phone which is subjected to monitoring and provide live location at the user’s will, providing the user with the phone’s SMS log to check the traffic of the phone’s messages, providing the user with the phone’s call log to check the call history of the phone, Monitoring the phone’s browsing log to monitor the phone’s internet history, Image gallery and contact of the phone to prevent unwanted things.

The Pro package has features that the Lite one doesn’t. For the example it has increased the ability to monitor compared to the lite package. It also have the ability to record the surrounding phones that are being carried by people who happened to be nearby the subject’s location. It also has a notification message for SIM card changing in the subject’s phone to prevent data manipulation. The GPS tracking is also increased compared to the Lite package. The Pro X, in the other hand has been only released for android use. The advanced features of this package are call recording and instant messaging software monitoring like whatsApp. We can expect many great things to come from mobistelath in the mean future.